Great Wall of Graffiti: Section of China’s landmark set aside for vandalism

Photo: Tuppaware

The No. 5 Fighting Tower is a particularly popular spot for foreigners toleave their mark, reports China Daily , with many of them left in English. The No. 14 Fighting Tower in Mutianyu, though, is soon to be a designated graffiti zone, as officials attempt to contain the vandalism.

The publicity office of Huairou district, where Mutianyu is located, says that they have tried previous measures to deter graffiti, from warning signs to patrol teams. With none of them having an impact, though, they are trying a new tactic: a free graffiti zone in the No. 14 Fighting Tower building.

“As many tourists like to carve words on buildings, we will develop the graffiti writing area as a new scenic spot of Mutianyu,” said the office, adding that two more areas would be introduced in the future.

Xu Fan of the World Tourism Organisation questioned the addition of more graffiti zones but encouraged the use of signs: “In current areas where tourists carve words spontaneously, the administrators should also set up signs to guide people to the newly established graffiti writing area.”