Guide to buying luxury property in Cote D’Azur: Valbonne

Luxury real estate experts offer tips and advice on the world's top high-end real estate hotspots.

Sun. Sea. Sumptuous surroundings. Smartly dressed people. Luxury property in the French Riviera remains the top choice for fans of high-end real estate and it's little wonder why: the stunning coastline alone is enough to inspire a purchase, no matter what the price tag.

The jewel in the Cote d'Azur crown? Valbonne.

Here's Finest Global's guide to buying luxury property in Valbonne:


Located halfway along the Brague River, Valbonne has a very similar climate to nearby Nice: warm summers, little rain and mild temperatures throughout the year. Sheltered from harsh winds, it's an ideal climate a luxury second home, made even more beautiful by the Brague River as well as the coast.


From golf clubs to beaches, "The Good Valley" promises residents all the traditional activities associated with the French Riviera. The old village, dating back to the 16 th Century, has a historical charm that brings a sense of heritage and culture to the area. Combined with its climate and Valbonne easily lives up to its name.


Valbonne's village may be old, but nearby is one of the most modern things on the French Riviera: the Sophia Antipolis technology park. An important research area, supported by universities and institutes, the institute drives the area's economy, alongside the consistent income from investors and tourists.

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