Guide to buying luxury property in Portugal: Aveiro



Portugal is a country known for its beaches but there is one place that is also associated with canals: Aveiro . The Venice of Portugal, Aveiro is full of waterways, bridges and boats – the kind of environment that is impressive enough to make you forget about the high volume of students in the area.


It has a coast too, of course: the region is home to several stunning beaches. Combined, the area’s watery appeal is irresistible to tourists and home buyers – it is impossible not to want to take a dip.


Paddling in the waters of Portuguese property? Considering sailing into to a prestigious second home?


Finest Global dish the essential dirt on buying luxury homes in Aveiro:




Perhaps unsurprisingly for an area so associated with water, Aveiro can be quite a wet place to live. The area has a humid, temperate climate that makes for cool summers and fairly warm winters – but with it comes a wind that makes it ideal for wind-surfing, while the months of July and August remain dry for the peak season.




Torn between beaches and canals, there is no shortage of stunning sights to enjoy in Aveiro. Watersports and sailing are prominent activities, while sandy beaches such as Barra and Costa Nova are simply beautiful. Cathedrals and shopping centres make shore those not keen on sun or surfing are consistently entertained. Combined, they make up an area with one of the highest quality of life ratings in Portugal.




The actual city of Aveiro is quite industrial with an economy supported by its port, but tourism is an equally important driver of investment and activity: the beaches and canals bring in visitors all year round. The other main factor is the university of Aveiro, which is one of the best in the country, guaranteeing a population of students that boosts the area’s potential for investors as well as prospective residents.


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