Guide to buying luxury property in Portugal: Coimbra

Portugal is most famous for The Algarve and the tourist-filled beaches around Faro, but high-end buyers looking for an exclusive holiday home away from the crowds have a large number of options – not least of all, Coimbra.

Why would the city be of interest to a luxury real estate investor? The prestige property experts Finest Global explain the area’s unspoiled appeal.

Here is a guide to buying luxury property in Coimbra :


The region and city of Coimbra has a Mediterranean climate that promises residents hot summers and chilly winters. The Mondego River winding through it, combined with many natural parks, is an attractive landscape that charms as much as it surprises.


When it comes to high-end food and drink, Coimbra’s cuisine has you covered. World-class restaurants, such as Quinta das Lágrimas, and bars offer prestigious forms of entertainment for discerning locals and expats, ensuring that you are far away from the city’s substantial student population.



The University of Coimbra plays a major part in the city’s economy, but this modern building is offet by the traditional feel of the Portuguese food and drink markets. These, combined with the high-end designer shops of Centro Comercial Dolce and large retail parks, ensure the city’s economy is rooted in both old and new – an appealing blend for luxury real estate investors.

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