Guide to buying luxury property in Portugal: Leiria

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Located in the centre of country, Leiria is one of the most popular areas for Portuguese property, second only to the Algarve. Bordering the Atlantic Ocean, Leiria makes up part of the Silver Coast. It has hot summers that boost its tourist appeal, helped by its role in the UEFA 2004 European Football Championship.

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Here is Finest Global’s essential background information for buying luxury property in Leiria .


Located on the western coast of Portugal, Leiria has a Mediterranean climate that promises cool, fairly wet winters that are generally humid. But the area transforms for the summer, with beautiful hot days boasting high temperatures and nine hours of sunshine per day.


The District of Leiria is known for its beaches on the Silver Coast with places such as Pedro de Moel offering dramatic rocky cliffs contrasted with picturesque sand. But the city also boasts a cultural history that attracts visitors and entertains residents, with the Castle of Leiria hosting music events to complement the city’s vibrant cafe culture.


Leiria has a service-driven economy that is supported by the area’s thriving tourist industry. Restaurants, cafes and other visitor-targeted sectors generate a large amount of income alongside light industry work and agriculture. Such a variety of unintrusive activities within the Leiria economy makes it a relaxing but busy environment to invest.

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