Guide to buying luxury property in Portugal: Vila do Conde

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Portugal is well known for its sunny beaches and holiday homes in the Algarve, but they always come surrounded by tourists on vacation. What if you want to escape to Portugal but still retain some privacy? Luxury real estate portal Finest Global profiles some of the most exclusive locations in the country for high-end property, where property, prosperity and prestige go hand in hand.

Here is a guide to buying luxury property in Vila do Conde :


Located in the Norte Region of Portugal, Vila do Conde is a long way from the Algarve but still promises over a hundred days of sunlight a year, with warm temperatures all year round. Combined with 18km of beaches and beautiful rural areas, the combination of quiet countryside, hot summers and expansive coastline makes for a bewitching place to own a second home.


Vila do Conde is an area full of culture: every year, festivals take place, from the Curtas Vila do Conde film festival to the Corpus Christi Festival. During the religious celebrations, the road is covered in flowers leading to the church, adding beauty to the area's impressive old architecture. Alongside a prestigious reputation for textiles and the beach activities, Vila do Conde residents are guaranteed never to run out of things to do.


From its traditional textile and rural roots, Vila do Conde has grown into an increasingly popular tourist destination. The beaches have been developed into resorts, which produce a large part of the area's income, while the technological park in Mindelo ensures that its industrial future is secure.

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