Guide to buying luxury property in Vale do Lobo


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Golf galore is at the heart of Vale do Lobo. The stunning coastal town has sporting facilities to rival the world-class scenery, making it the ideal destination for wealthy buyers with families to entertain – and a picture-perfect counterpart for its neighbour Quinta do Lago.

Interested in a glamorous Algarve home? Here is Unique Living's guide to buying luxury property in Vale do Lobo:

Vital Statistics

Average property price

€1m – €3.5m

Style of property


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Background Information


If Quinta do Lago is The Algarve's jewel, Vale do Lobo is its equally glamorous cousin. That same appealing climate makes it ideal for vacationing families as well as dedicated golfers, while the carefully crafted landscapes attract even more house hunters than Quinta.


Vale do Labo's balanced mix of beautiful beaches, tennis courts and golf courses have built a high-class reputation that brings in celebrities and sports stars as well as families and older buyers. Development continues but the up-market resort retains its natural charm and beauty .


Much like Quinta do Lago, Vale do Lobo's trade revolves around its luxury golfing facilities. But with real estate carrying a lower price tag, the market has also opened up to family holiday homes and apartments. More rental properties are available too, introducing buy-to-let opportunities.


Insider Knowledge

"Vale do Lobo tends to be slightly lower in price than Quinta do Lago. The people who live there are less showy – buyers who don't want a permanent Algarve residence but would like a second home in the area.

You've got these beautiful red cliffs there as well and the beaches are stunning. It's all manmade beauty, of course, but it's like paradise…"



Vale do Lobo