House-haunting? 5 spooky property photos for Halloween

It always pay to be careful when house-hunting at Halloween, as you never know what kind of horrors you might encounter. That may be because the house of your dreams is actually haunted – but more often than not, it just looks like it is, thanks to some unfortunate property listings photos that are shocking for all the wrong reasons…

We round up some disturbing pictures from the real estate archives to send a shiver down your spine this 31st October:

1. Not the estate agent you expected

There is nothing worse than an estate agent that’s lost its head – or a homeowner who has forgotten to tidy away their unsettling mannequin before a property viewing.

Photo: HookedonHouses

2. The stain nobody talks about

When a listing says that a “house needs major work”, you know you should brace yourself for a DIY fanatic’s dream, but this extreme example of a three-bedroom house in North Carolina from several years ago still haunts our memories…

Photo: Curbed

3. The deadly staircase

Nothing sets the atmosphere in your hallway quite like themed decorations, even if that atmosphere isn’t particularly welcoming. It’s the tiny statue at the top of these stairs, though, that really catches us by surprise. Even that wasn’t enough to stop someone recently making an offer on this £2.95 million home in London’s Stepney Green, though…

Photo: Rightmove

4. Watch what you eat

This Restored Grade I Listed House in Cheshire has some spookily outdated decor to unsettle modern house-hunters with active imaginations, but it’s the dining room with paintings staring at you while you eat that really has us on edge.

Photo: Rightmove

5. The garden memorial

A graveyard can be an unnerving thing for a homeowner. Indeed, research from online estate agents found that living next to a cemetery could potentially knock almost 25 per cent off the value of your home.

The Ice House in Kincardineshire, though, has a cemetery included in the estate. Why? Because the poet George Beattic reportedly proposed to a local heiress in the home years ago, but after she broke off their relationship, he turned a gun on himself in the graveyard. A memorial to him still stands there today. Sometimes, a spooky photo really can be a sign of horrible history.

Photo: Savills (via AOL)


Main photo: Pinterest