Harry Potter’s childhood home for sale

Bedrooms, garden, double-glazing. The cupboard under the stairs is far from the top of buyers’ wishlists when searching for a home. Unless, that is, you’re searching for 4 Privet Drive – the home that once housed everyone’s favourite wizard, Harry Potter.

4 Privet Drive, of course, does not exist – it sits in the fictional town of Little Whinging, invented by author J.K. Rowling for her series of magical books. The home that was used to play 4 Privet Drive in the Warner Bros. films of her novels, though, does exist. In fact, it is up for sale.

The home starred in the early films in the franchise, a link-detached property in the hum-drum muggle suburbia that orbits London – a far from spellbinding place for Harry to be sent home from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry every summer. Once there, his cruel Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and his cousin, Dudley, locked him in the cupboard under the stairs.

Of course, fans will recall the moment in the movies when Dumbledore left the baby Harry on the doorstep of the property – and when letters from Hogwarts sent by owl bombarded the home’s living room, inviting Harry to study at the school.

In real life, the truth is slightly less enchanting: the house sits in Bracknell, Berkshire, and there are no owls in sight. But the home is in a commutable distance from London, close to Martins Heron train station, and, with its three bedrooms, has more than enough space for even the most over-indulged son. There is reportedly even a cupboard, although it is not thought to contain an actual young wizard.

The home has been redecorated significantly, according to its Chancellors listing, which does away with the “peach and salmon pink” of the book’s description in favour of white, blue and a touch of purple.

Before you start shouting “Accio, mortgage application form!”, though, it is worth spending a moment admiring its price tag, which has jumped 64 per cent in six years, from £290,000 in 2010, when it was last sold, to £475,000 – a transfiguration that even Professor McGonagall would be impressed by.

The Internet has gone into a frenzy, as fans admire the property. Investors may be doing the same, though: with Warner Bros. having since built a replica of the home on their Studio Tour set, you could probably get away with renting out the real cupboard under the stairs on Airbnb to tourists. An expelliarMUST-BUY?