Hollywood star Johnny Depp on his Bahamian island retreat

    HIS treasure chest is overflowing with booty, thanks to his swashbuckling role as roguish Captain Jack Sparrow.

    So it was only natural that Pirates of the Caribbean star Johnny Depp should splash out a few doubloons on his very own island in the Bahamas.

    He has snapped up the 45-acre Little Halls Pond Cay for just over £2million, swelling a property portfolio that boasts a village in the South of France and a Los Angeles mansion.  

    Johnny, 47, says: “Ironically, it took a pirate film for me to be able to achieve my dream and buy an island. What the island basically represents is simplicity.

    “Unfortunately, when you’re wandering around Hollywood or New York, anonymity and simplicity don’t exist. So you seek out these places where you can find it, and that’s pretty much what I’ve done."

    Source: Daily Mirror