Horse head not included: Godfather house up for sale

The Godfather mansion for sale

Photo credit: Daily Mail

Property listings do not normally have to state that it doesn't come with a horse head but this house may be an exception: the Los Angeles mansion featured in The Godfather's most famous scene.

But it's not just the thought of waking up next to a horse's head that will appeal to buyers: Beverly House, which sits in the middle of the 90210 postcode, boasts a staggering 29 bedrooms and 40 bathrooms, as well a cinema and even its own nightclub.

The property's Hollywood history doesn't end there, though: it was also the honeymoon house for US President John F Kennedy and Jacqui in 1953.

The 70,000sq ft property, which also includes a 75ft long swimming pool and two tennis courts, has also been featured in other films such as Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard and Steve Martin's The Jerk. It was first built in 1925 by Gordon Kaufman, the architect who worked on the Hoover Dam, before eventually being owned William Randolph Hearst.

The media tycoon was given the mansion as a gift by his mistress, US actress Marion Davies. She paid just $120,000 in 1946.

Fast forward to 2007 and it was the most expensive listing in the US, given a price tag of $165 million.

Now, that price has been slashed to $115 million. It is also available to rent for $600,000 per month.

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