Housing body aims to give tenants a voice

The Chartered Institute of Housing has said that it is committed to working with tenants' organisations in England to ensure that the good work of the National Tenant Voice can be continued…

Funding for the NTV was last week axed by the Government as part of its aim to cut back on the number of quangos.

Sarah Webb, CIH Chief Executive, said, "I regret that the National Tenant Voice will close and I believe we need to find a way to continue its work by putting in place support elsewhere.

"The involvement of tenants is very important if localism and the 'big society' is to work effectively, but this involvement is not up to capacity yet in many areas and we are keen to see it develop further.

"At CIH we have a commitment to empower tenants to shape and influence the services they receive, for example through our work to develop resident-led self regulation.

"Our Active Learning for Residents programme recognises and accredits the work that tenants do in their communities and we have already attracted over 150 tenants to our reduced rate tenant membership."

Source: www.propertytalklive.co.uk