How to create a good property listing

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    This week, Sell My Property turns its attention to the most essential step in selling your house: creating a listing. Once you've signed up with Sell My Property and you log in for the first time, you are automatically taken through to the "Create a Listing" page.

    What goes into a good property listing? Which details should you leave out?

    Here are seven simple steps to creating a good property listing:

    1.       Give it a name

    We don't mean "Brian" or "Audrey". This is the part that will grab people's attention or turn them away, so include all the important stuff here. How many bedrooms? Is it near the beach? Can investors expect a high rental yield? Combine them into a snappy name, e.g. "2 bed flat on Murcia coast. Refurbished. 7% return", and you're good to go.

    2.       Add a reference

    Don't worry: this one is just for you, so you don't have to come with anything catchy. Designed for sellers with more than one property to advertise, this field helps you tell the difference between your multiple listings when looking at the "Manage My Listings" page.  

    You cannot use any special symbols here, but any combination of alpha-numerical characters is fine. Perhaps "Brian" or "Audrey".

    3.       Mark it with an "X"

    No one wants to buy a house if they don't know where it is, which is why Sell My Property always includes a map as part of the listing (see a listing on for an example). Using our location finder is an easy way to pinpoint your property's exact position, or if you prefer, you can use another maps service, for example Google Maps, and copy the coordinates into your listing.

    4.       Write a brief description

    Consider this an expanded version of your property's name, including all the vital statistics and unique selling points in a few sentences. Keep it simple and to-the-point to capture buyers' attentions as quickly as possible.

    5.       Insert images

    Pictures are worth a thousand words, so make sure you make the most of them. With our basic listing package, you can upload up to 10 large images of your property.

    Read our detailed tips on how to take a good property listing photo , then pick one of them to be the main listing picture – an exterior shot usually works best. The other photos are then displayed in the order you upload them, so take care to add the best exterior images  first before moving on  to interior images of rooms and, eventually, any shots of the surrounding area or a floor plan.

    6.       Add a full description

    This is where you can really sell your property, so make sure you read our guide on how to write a listing description first. Once you've got something written, go to the "Further Information" tab to add it to your listing.

    7.       Tag it with keywords

    Keywords are what will help people find your property. Swimming pool, two bedrooms, Murcia, rental income; those are the kind of words you want to be including. But we've saved you the time and hassle or writing them out manually. Simply click on the "Autocomplete" button and we'll generate the keywords using your description – another reason to take extra care when writing it.


    And it's as easy as that. Once you've finished all seven steps, hit the "Save" button and congratulations! Your property listing is live – and you are officially selling your home .