In a land far, far away

New research by Alliance & Leicester International (ALI) has revealed that the main reason for people to emigrate from Britain is the weather, and that their top destination is Australia…

This research compliments a survey carried out a few months ago, regarding a mass exodus of Britons this year, although that survey also mentioned Canada as a top destination, and was far more detailed regarding the reasons for their emigration.

Liam Bailey, Chief Market Analyst for overseas property portal Property Abroad gave his views on the findings:

"This does not surprise me in the slightest, Australia has long been the top destination for people to emigrate from Britain, but it has been challenged in recent years by a few other places such as New Zealand and Canada. This however is great news for the resale market because people who emigrate buy existing properties from the resale market as oppose to off-plan developments"

For anyone thinking of emigrating to Australia, Property Abroad have some fantastic properties in Australia.

The lowest priced property in Australia currently being advertised by Property Abroad, is two bedroom apartments from £170,000 in the Zone off-plan development on Mermaid's Beach, Queensland. The resort style development has a swimming pool, full-size tennis court, and is completely secure, including a two-way intercom system to prevent unauthorised access to the building.

The Gold Coast of Australia, receives over four million tourists per year, the majority of which visit Queensland during their stay. Luxury properties on a five star resort development such as the Zone, are therefore capable of fetching a four to six per cent rental yield, and appreciating by at least 10 per cent per year for the next few years. Immediate value growth once the resort is completed will be at least 15 per cent.

Source: Property Abroad