Increasing number of Spaniards moving to Morocco

“The money isn’t the best pay I’ve ever had but it allows me to live and send some home,” one architect from Barcelona told Bloomberg from Marrakech.

Indeed, Morocco offers more employment opportunities than the recession-hit Spain where unemployment has hit severe levels.

The number of Spanish citizens making the move grew by 32 per cent last year compared to 2008, making it the second most popular destination for expats after Latin America.

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Brits want sport and adventure abroad, says new survey

Three quarters of Brits want to try out new sports while overseas, according to a new Post Office survey.

The research, which listed 27 activities, found that two-thirds of Brits had already taken part in at least one while in vacation. Rally car driving sped ahead of the pack, with 58 per cent of Brits saying that had tried it during their travels – even though Post Office Travel Money found no overseas rally car opportunities available for the price point selected by the respondents to the survey.

Marc Pritchard, Marketing Manager for Spanish homebuilder Taylor Wimpey España, comments:  “We’ve found that those purchasing our La Floresta Sur holiday homes near Marbella are keen to take advantage of the plethora of activities available in the local area. Although rally car driving isn’t available locally, buggy safaris through inland Marbella are extremely popular, as is go-karting. T

More extreme sports such as scuba diving and white water rafting were also highlighted by over 40 per cent of respondents apiece, suggesting that Brits are particularly adventurous in the great overseas outdoors.

“They say that variety is the spice of life and this is certainly true for buyers in southern Spain, with activities ranging from mountain biking, to deep sea fishing, to potholing,” added Pritchard.


Canada to speed up immigration system

Canada has pledged to speed up its immigration system for new applicants. The current system has been slowed down by applicants not taken the process seriously, the country’s officials have declared.

“We are committed to ensuring that those who play by the rules and work in good faith to become Canadian citizens will not have to wait in line behind people who fail to attend their citizenship test or interview, or who fail to submit a residence questionnaire,” announced Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander.


Mobile roaming charges to be reduced next year

Mobile roaming charges are set to be reduced from next year, the European Commission has announced.

The EC plans to reform the market and introduce cheaper calls for those living or visiting abroad – good news for expats receiving regular calls from home. The plans, described as “the most ambitious in 26 years of telecoms market change” by Expat Forum , will ban charges for incoming calls by July 2014 – and then abolish all other charges by 2016.

The changes will have to be approved by all EU members before they can be implemented.