Infographic: Homesick Brits dream of flying home for Christmas

One in three of British expats would move back home, if there were no barriers to relocating, according to a nhew survey by Experts for Expats.

The research reveals that 72 per cent of Brits living overseas are unhappy where they currently live.

43 per cent respondents said that homesickness and family reasons were the main cause of their longing for UK shores, while only 23 per cent said they would do so because of the quality of life in Britain.

Indeed, 40 per cent rated quality of life as the most important factor when choosing a country to live, with culture the second and financial and career prospects only important to 13 per cent of respondents.

Respondents to the survey came from around the world, with a majority of responses coming from France (15 per cent), the United States (13 per cent), Spain (8 per cent), Germany (7 per cent) and Australia (7 per cent).

Excluding the UK, the top five countries British expats would most like to live include Australia (12.2 per cent), the United States (8.4%), the Caribbean (5.7 per cent), Spain (5.6 per cent) and France (5.11 per cent).

Source: Experts for Expats