Cyprus: 100% and 90% BTL mortgages available

    Investment Property in Cyprus (IPIC) are offering 100% and 90% mortgages from as little as 6000 euros deposit…

    Cyprus is one of Europe’s top property investment destinations because, as well as low property prices and no inheritance tax, it scores highly on related issues such as ease of gaining residency, low property buying and selling costs and benefits for pensioners.

    Cherry Clift, Managing Director of Investment Property In Cyprus Ltd said: “Not only does Cyprus offer a warm, sunny climate, it also benefits from favorable taxation and healthcare policies. It has an income-tax rate of just 5% on pensions for retired residents.  To top it all off, property prices in Cyprus are expected to increase by up to 25% by the end of 2008″.

    IPIC was established in 2005 and is now considered to be one of the main Property Investment Companies in Cyprus  with the top property website for Cyprus Properties.

    IPIC is now viewed as a benchmark for customer service, brand and the best investment products. We are established as a property sales company and a company who would provide clients with outstanding investment opportunities.

    Unique outlook on property

    Cherry Clift commented: “All of our investments offer individual elements, which fit neatly together. It’s great having a good looking property in the sun which you purchased because the media told you to, but is it sensible or was it just an emotional purchase?

    “We have a unique outlook on property investment, as we believe that capital growth on your portfolio is just a bonus and shouldn’t be relied purely on. It is purely determined by the riskier long term financial performance of the investment and can only be realised once you dispose of it. There is no point in accumulating a fantastic portfolio if you have to sell it to realise your profits and then you are back to square one!

    “Our aim is to provide you with the best high-yielding properties in Cyprus with a mixture of monthly/quarterly positive cash flow income and a bonus of capital growth if you do decide to dispose of it in the distant future.

    Forget about deficits

    Cherry Clift continued:  “We don’t really believe in un-established so called “emerging” markets. They are risky and the fact that it’s emerging means there is no established exit route for investors. In order to exit a market you must have somebody willing to purchase the investment from you at a reasonable price.

    If investors aren’t going there anymore and you’ve priced yourself out of the local market, you’re stuck. In addition there are often no mortgages so leveraging to make money from other people’s money isn’t available.

    We also don’t believe in deficits – WHY? We have all never understood why you should have to purchase something that looses you money every month to maybe make you something in the future. It’s great to have a 200-property portfolio, but if you are constantly subsidising it by £50 per month per property then £10,000 a month deficit isn’t commercially viable for anybody.

    Specialised advice

    Cherry Clift concluded: “Your investment through IPIC will make money so when you come to extract it we show you how to do it as tax effectively as possible to limit the disappearance of your hard earned profits.

    Our team of people based in offices in PAPHOS, LIMASSOL AND LARNACA are able to offer specialised advise and help in all aspects of property purchase in Cyprus .

    Their respective backgrounds combine to provide a complete consultancy service ensuring your invested money is secure and works as hard as it can for you over the life of your investment.

     If you would like to be part of Cyprus ’ exciting future, please contact Investment Property in Cyprus Ltd direct: 

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