Investments Explained: Residential Property


Investments Explained: breaks down property investment into bite-sized chunks every week.

This week, considers all things great and small in residential property, from the grand to the tiny – because when it comes to real estate, size doesn't matter; it's how you use it.



The word "bungalow" means different things around the world, but in the UK traditionally refers to smaller homes, or cottages, that are detached and only have one storey. Some countries, such as the USA, may include a second storey, but the size is always considerably smaller than a townhouse.

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Often small, usually located in a rural setting, cottages are a cosy option for house hunters around the world. Some countries consider cottages and cabins to be the same thing, but in the majority of cases, cottages are of traditional build, rather than log buildings. They are often used as holiday homes.

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Prefabricated homes are houses that are already made in a factory. The parts are then assembled on site to complete the unit, making for a quick and affordable housing option. Environmentally friendly materials and increasingly complex designs have helped these flexible accommodations to evolve beyond mobile homes to a more substantial property type in their own right.

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The word "townhouse" used to refer to the town residence of a member of nobility, or wealthy family, who also owned country estates. Today, townhouses tend to be semi-detached or, more than likely, terraced properties.

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Once the term for Roman country houses, the word "villa" now has a much wider meaning, which encompasses extravagant country estates and semi-detached bungalows. But whether talking about detached holiday homes or high-end rental properties, the term "villa" still carries connotations of class.

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