Investments Explained: Residential property


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In an ever-fluctuating global economic, it is important to invest in reliable assets, from financial products or stocks to commercial property and even alternative investments. But sometimes, after all that investing, you just need somewhere to put your head down and rest.  The answer? Residential property.

Like all property investment opportunities, residential real estate comes in several shapes and sizes. What's what and how do you pick between them?

 Here is's guide to residential property :



Also known as a flat in the UK, Hong Kong and other countries, an apartment is a residential unit that occupies a self-contained space within a larger building. Apartments can contain several bedrooms, or consist of one single room which combines the kitchen, living room and dining room. These are known as studio apartments. Apartments can also span more than one floor within a building. These are called maisonettes.

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A house is a residential building designed to house human residents that spans multiple stories. Designs vary significantly between homes, but unlike studio apartments, rooms are always separated into distinct spaces. A house can be rented or purchased by an investor, while in many countries owning a home is a sign of personal wealth; in the US, for example, buying a house is a key part of the American Dream.

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Mobile homes

Mobile homes are portable properties that allow owners a greater degree of geographical flexibility. The property may be fixed, as in a park home, and occupy a plot within a wider community, or attached to an engine to form a motor home or caravan. As well as providing a more flexible lifestyle, mobile homes are also often cheaper and made out of a prefabricated materials.

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New home

A new home is exactly what it says on the tin. Without factors such as previous owners, possible historical damage or other legal complications, new build properties can be simpler to purchase and cheaper to run thanks to energy efficient appliances and eco-friendly designs. As a result, they are often popular among first time buyers.

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 Prestige property

For those house hunters after something classier than your average home, a prestige property is the answer. From former castles and royal palaces to expansive country estates, a prestige home is a luxury property that guarantees both comfort and privacy. And in the case of a private island, a unique view as well.

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Unique property

Ever wanted to live in a windmill? Fancy putting your feet up in a farmhouse? How about owning your very own tower? From the peculiar and rare to the downright weird, unique properties are a wonderful way for house hunters to express their personality or pick up a special piece of history. Whatever your preference, you are guaranteed to own something that is one of a kind.

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A watercraft home gives you a taste of life on the open sea, whether it is a houseboat to dock in a local canal or a more extravagant vessel to use as a holiday home. Depending on how you use them, watercraft can incur additional charges, such as docking fees, but who doesn't like the idea of floating away overnight?

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