Investors cautious despite attractive Malaysia property market

The Malaysian property market is one of the most attractive in the world, according to new reports.

Iskandar, Kota Kinabalu and Kuala Lumpur are all set to become "hotspots for foreign property investors", according to The Malaysian Insider , as cooling measures in Hong Kong and Singapore make the country more attractive.

Indeed, a recent iProperty survey reveals that out of over 2,000 Singaporeans, 42 per cent said Malaysia was their number one destination for overseas investment, with Singapore's strong currency given them even more bang for their buck in Malaysian real estate.

However, buyers are becoming increasingly selective, despite the attractive market conditions. Momentum is slowing, according to experts, as caution takes precedence.

Speaking to The Borneo Post , Seulyn Wong explained: "While there are still good factors around, such as the relatively low interest rates in Malaysia, investors are watchful of developments in political and economical fronts in Malaysia, regional and worldwide.

"There is still plenty of liquidity in the market, but seasoned investors are mindful of potential government policies and measures that will impact on the attractiveness of the property market."