Island commitment in French Polynesia

Love-struck couples thinking of following in the footsteps of Will and Kate should note that tying the knot in French Polynesia is now a little easier…

The government decided recently couples can use a qualified hotel employee as an interpreter at civil wedding ceremonies instead of an official French government-recognised translator.

Sofitel, with resorts in Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, has been quick to point out that its staff can serve as wedding translators. Civil ceremonies must still take place at a town hall and be officiated by the mayor, who can now nominate witnesses if the bride and groom can't provide their own. Most couples choose to follow the town-hall legalities with a symbolic ceremony at their hotel that taps into the romance of French Polynesian culture.

Sofitel's 2011 wedding options cost from F18,000 ($208). Couples on Bora Bora can take a decorated boat across the lagoon while being serenaded by a ukulele player for 12,600 francs extra.