Majority of young Brits considering moving overseas

The majority of younger Britons having seriously considered moving overseas to start a new life.

A survey by deVere Group found that two thirds of those under the age of 40 have given thought to the idea, with just one in five (22 per cent) saying that they would not consider leaving the country. 13 per cent said they did not know.

The statistics may come as some surprise to those who are familiar with the stereotypical retiree Brits, who tend to up sticks in their old age and head to Spain’s Costas or Australia’s Gold Coast. The figures arrive, though, as youth unemployment is a major problem for many, both in the UK and abroad. Indeed, many young people in Spain and other recession-hit countries have relocated in recent years in search of careers.

“Whilst it is true, of course, that a considerable number of British pensioners do head to these places, we’ve found that there’s a significant, and growing, number of the UK’s working population who are considering moving abroad,” comments deVere CEO Nigel Green.

One of the main motivations for those looking to broaden their horizons was to further their careers and enjoy better lifestyles on higher salaries. The grey and gloomy climate of the UK was also cited by those seeking greener pastures, as well as the UK’s taxes and living costs.

Where are these Brits planning to head to? Not Spain or Australia. The top five destinations are New York, Sydney, Cape Town, Dubai and Hong Kong.

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