Planning Your Retirement

    Make sure you’re prepared for your retirement with this vital e-book guide…

    The ‘ Handbook on planning your retirement ’, addresses how to: get your entitlements (including pensions, benefits and concessions); plan your finances (budgeting, investing, taxation and financial advice); relocate (if you want or need to move home, in the UK or abroad); secure yourself and your property; and settle your affairs. It is written in a straightforward style and there are contact details and addresses.  It also explores the following subjects:

    1. Changing gear
    2. Getting your entitlements
    3. Planning your finances
    4. Relocating
    5. Protecting yourself and your property
    6. Settling your affairs.

    7. Planning Your Retirement

    Author John Humphries is a Management Trainer, with over 20 years experience in the UK and abroad

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