Man turns building into giant Rubik’s Cube

Photo: Puzzle Facade

Artist Javier Lloret transformed the Ars Eletronica’s media facade in Linz into a giant Rubik’s Cube. The Austrian building has been lined with lights that are controlled by the artist’s Puzzle Facade software. The software is, in turn, operated by an interface cube that sends data to the property via Bluetooth.

The project was part of Lloret’s thesis for the Interface Culture MA programme at the Universität für Künstlerische und Industrielle Gestaltung, Linz.

If the size wasn’t off-putting enough, though, Javier Lloret’s gigantic puzzle has another factor that makes it even more difficult:

“Due to the nature of this building and its surroundings, the player is only able to see two sides at the same time,” explains the artist on the official Puzzle Facade website. “This factor increases the difficulty of solving the puzzle, but as the player is able to rotate and flip the interface-cube, it is not a blocking factor.”

See the full thing in action below – then feel ashamed at how puny your brain feels.