Map: The best places to move abroad

Now, The Washington Post has turned that data into a handy map, making it easy to spot the best places to move. The diagram highlights Asia’s developing economies as extremely favourable for expat life, with workers in China and Thailand more likely to be valued – and, as a result, paid up to an average of 15 per cent more. With lower costs of living and higher wages, higher spending power helps expats to achieve a more satisfying quality of life, not least because of the fair weather and stunning beaches.

Hot on their heels are smaller, wealthier destinations such as Switzerland and the Cayman Islands, while the worst of the 34 countries surveyed is Egypt, thanks to its military coup and rise of nationalism. The UK, Spain, France and Ireland area ranked badly thanks to expensive living costs.

Click the image to see a larger map – or read the full interpretation of the data here .