Meet Mark Wahlberg’s “traditional home”… with water park

All photos via The Daily Mail

Wahlberg snapped up six acres of L.A. land in 2009 for the blockbusting sum of $8 million. Now, though, pictures have been released by The Hollywood Reporter showing just how far his plans for a French manor have come.

The 42-year-old actor, famous for his turns in Boogie Nights and The Departed, recently appeared in Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain, a movie about one man’s quest to become rich. The A-list star and his family are enjoying the gain period with the 30,000 square foot mansion, designed by starchitect Landry.

Over the last two years, Landry’s vision has crafted an expansive piece of gated real estate that includes a full-sized basketball court and a putting green, as well as an outdoor room that spans 2,200 square feet on its own. Other features found inside the Oscar-nominee’s palace extend from a home cinema and wine cellar to a two-storey wood-panelled library. In the garden? A water park made of rock sculpted into the hillside – just the thing for Wahlberg and his wife and their four children to relax in.

Despite the many impressive flourishes, Landry insists that the home is not out of proportion.

“My goal always has to go with finding the right proportions. It is not about building bigger and bigger homes,” he told The Hollywood Reporter this month.

“There are no ginormous rooms here – there’s no ballroom, no bowling alley, no indoor basketball court. I’ve done most of those kinds of things in other projects, but here it’s really a good traditional family house with no craziness to it.”

Did we mention the waterfall and diving rock outside?