Meet Pedasi: Panama’s new development hotspot


Meet Pedasi, Panama's new development hotspot, according to local agents.

Investment interest in the coastal region has increased in recent months, according to Panama Equity, and that is set to turn into sales thanks a major new development that has just been announced.

The project, signed by The Dekel Group and construction giant Cocige will boost the number of properties in Pedasi, a factor that has both held back the number of real estate transactions as well as boosted its buyer appeal.

"Up until very recently, Pedasi has sorely lacked a serious, action-oriented construction company, so the smaller developers are forced to bring in their own materials and machinery. The arrival of Cocige may prove as a serious turning point," Kent Davis, of Panama Equity, wrote at Nuwire Investor .

"Locals expect to see other developers follow suit soon and to be able to offer clients very attractive homes at affordable prices… We tend to look at these signs as proof that Pedasi is becoming a real liveable beach destination and not just speculative hype."