Monaco tops world life expectancy list

"Old people" – we all hope to live long enough to earn this distinction. In some countries, the probability of living well into your eighties is much better than in others. The worldwide average for life expectancy is just a smidge over 67, with the highest and lowest countries fluctuating by over 20 years in each direction.

39 of the bottom 40 countries are located on the African continent, and 3 of the top 5 are European micro-states. The United States ranks in at number 50, boasting a life expectancy of 78 years old.

At the bottom of the list is Angola, a country in southwestern Africa. The average life expectancy in Angola is almost 39 years old. At the other end of the spectrum is Monaco (pictured above). Monaco is a micro-state in Europe with an extremely high standard of living. The average person there lives to be 89 years old.

The 50 year gap between these two countries represents the difference between yacht ownership and subsistence farming, and every other country falls somewhere in between.

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20. Bermuda

19. Anguilla

18. Iceland

17. Israel

16. Switzerland

15. Sweden

14. Spain

13. France

12. Jersey

11. Canada

10. Italy

9. Australia

8. Hong Kong

7. Singapore

6. Guernsey

5. Japan

4. Andorra

3. San Marino

2. Macau

1. Monaco

Source: Gadling