More Americans beating inflation by living/earning overseas

With inflation skyrocketing in the U.S., more and more Americans are finding a surefire way to beat rising costs: by living and working overseas.

It’s called “working the latitudes.” You earn in one jurisdiction (where the cost of living is relatively high) and live in another (where the cost of living is much lower). In some cases, that also allows U.S. citizens considerable tax benefits. Those who qualify for the foreign earned income exclusion, for example, may exclude up to $92,900 in foreign earnings for 2011.

In International Living’s April issue, you’ll read profiles of several people with international career portability. Like Larry Snyder, a registered nurse who created websites to help nurses with their continuing education. “As the business grew it became clear I could do it from anywhere,” he says, and when his wife decided to move back to her native Colombia and start her own manufacturing company, Snyder went with her.

Now, he says, “Colombian medical authorities are going to accept our online courses and we’re getting new courses written in Spanish for this market.”

Source: International Living