Most popular property destinations in Poland


Polish real estate is becoming increasingly popular as investors turn to countries outside of the eurozone. But what if you have never been to Poland? What if you don't know where the investment hotspots are? profiles the places with the highest number of enquiries in the last 12 months to give you an idea of where to buy.

These are the four most popular property destinations in Poland:


The second largest city in Poland, Krakow is an important cultural and economic hub that has transformed from a tiny village to a major business centre. With a property market that ranges from commercial property to old townhouses, demand continues to grow for Krakow offices.

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The capital of Poland, Warsaw is a city that attracts a large number of tourists and companies every year. Apartments and houses are popular options for buy-to-let investors looking to capitalise on the demand for housing from both tourists and families planning to relocate.

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Situated on the River Oder, Wroclaw is a beautiful town full of historical architecture. But the city's industrial importance drives the economy, with national corporations and banks holding their headquarters here.

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One of the oldest cities in Poland, Poznan is located on the Warta river in the West of the country. Its cultural history makes it appealing to overseas visitors, but the busy financial system and large number of commuters boost the potential for real estate investment.

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