Narrowest house in New York on sale for $4.3 million

The most recent buyer gave the 2.4 meters-wide by 9.7 meters house a thorough renovation, with reclaimed oak flooring, custom cabinetry, and built-in shelving and storage space.

But there's one feature the owner didn't need to change: the home's secret garden, a backyard it shares with two neighboring townhouses. The garden also has a side entrance so 75 1/2 Bedford's residents can avoid the camera-toting tourists out front.

Built in the mid 1800, Dutch style, the flat has three dorms and two bath rooms. The second and third floors are 2.4 meters wide while the ground floor and the basement, 2.1 meters. The garden is 2.7 meters wide and 13 meters long.

Each townhouse owner is responsible for caring for his/her own portion of the garden, but any big changes would have to be approved by all. So even though one owner has drawn up plans to partition the shared space, it seems unlikely to happen.