New international airport planned for Panama

Houston we have a location: Panama President Ricardo Martinelli says the site of Panama’s new international airport will be the beach town of Rio Hato.

The government has long been studying the viability of a new international airport in the Pacific coast region. Panama is known as the Hub of the Americas, but the only major airport is Tocumen International. Airports in cities like Colon and David offer primarily domestic flights. An international airport on Panama’s Pacific coast would make it easier for travelers to head straight to the beach without having to go through Panama City.

Now, most beach-goers fly into Tocumen International. Late arrivals tend to spend a night in Panama City before getting ground transportation up the Pacific coast. Thus, visitors often “lose” a day they’d rather spend at the beach.

Rio Hato is approximately two hours by car from Panama City, and the district is home to many resorts and beach communities. According to Martinelli, the government selected Rio Hato because it was the cheapest place in the area to build. An airport anywhere else would cost an estimated $1 billion, while the government estimates it can build one at Rio Hato for $33 million, thanks to the existing airport infrastructure.

Auxiliary construction, including an access tunnel from the PanAmerican Highway, will cost another $50 million.

Located in the province of Cocle, Rio Hato is known for it beaches and its car races…it is even known as a good place to skydive . White sand beaches in the district, from Punta Chame to Farallon, are often referred to as the “pearls of the Pacific.” Here you’ll find popular resorts like the Royal Decameron , Playa Blanca, Breezes, and Buenaventura.

Source: NuWire Investor