New international property news website launched at www.OPP.Today

The updated website, which uses one of the new style domains released in 2014, is focused solely on global property industry news, features and blog content.

OPP.Today has 14 separate news categories covering everything the industry needs to know, including market updates, developer and agency news, financial and legal updates, technology, travel and visas, service providers and more. The new site also has a facility to publish relevant industry blogs and press releases free of charge.

The site is edited by experienced overseas property journalist, Adrian Bishop, who was also editor of OPP Connect. The changes are part of a strategic review of the OPP range by Lead Galaxy, which acquired the brand earlier this year and has numerous enhancements and new products planned for the first quarter of 2015.

A daily lead news story will be delivered free of charge by email to overseas property professionals around the world.

Lead Galaxy’s Chief Executive Officer, Dan Johnson, says: “We have devised a 14-day rolling cycle for the editorial, which covers many aspects of doing business in this sector. We’re particularly excited about the prospect of pushing out a full article via email each day and the preference management system that will allow subscribers to pick and choose which main stories they receive.”

To sign up, go to: