New portal launches as more people move to Mexico

Mexico’s sunny weather is one of the reasons people move to Mexico Photo: Andreas Lehner 2014 specialises in property and information for retirees, a sector that it says is booming, with one million Americans living in the country – the largest community of US expats in the world.

Founder Ray Ayuso tells OPP Connect that the country’s relaxed lifestyle, good weather and affordable health care attracts people from north of the border: “One of the great benefits and reasons why many Americans and Canadians are moving to Mexico is because the cost of living is very affordable, especially when you convert dollars to pesos, your money is worth much more. With the money that it would cost you to live in New York one month, in Merida, Mexico, you can live three months or more, depending on how much luxury you are looking for.

The country’s industrial sector is another reason why it suits expat property hunters, adds Ayuso, with many foreign companies basing their offices and manufacturing plants in Mexico.

“The city of Merida continues to see huge growth with several new skyscraper condominiums and private residential building being developed this year,” he adds.