North Korea re-opens to tourists

Last year’s Pyongyand Marathon, when foreigners were permitted to take part Photo: North Korea Travel

North Korea has re-opened its borders to tourists, after introducing a four-month ban.

The clampdown on overseas visitors was in response to the Ebole virus, which officials feared could spread to the country. It was implemented in October 2014, closing its borders to foreign tourists completely. Since then, it also added a three-week quarantine period for those entering the country.

No Ebola cases have been reported in North Korea at all. Neither have there been any cases reported in Asia.

Now, though, after rumours that the ban was about to be lifted, Uri Tours has been quoted by the press as saying that the borders are “now open for travel”.

In response, holidaymakers are already booking up spots on visits to the country.

Regent Holidays, one British firm, told The Telegraph that its 14 tours are filling up.

Carl Meadows, Regent Holidays’ North Korea specialist, said: “Even during the border closure we were taking enquiries and are now very happy to be able to confirm them.”

However, it is not completely back to business as usual: the Pyongyang Marathon, which takes place next month, will not be open to foreigners.