Northumbria University applications hit record high


More students have applied to study at Northumbria University this year than in any other year since it opened. This may be attributed to its unrivalled graduate employability record, an important factor in tough economic times.

Applications increased by 2,000 (7%) across a range of subjects including law, business, nursing, arts, education and humanities. This outperforms the sector where the reported average increase has been 2.8%.

The increase has been hailed as a boost for student housing investors in the area, as the increasing demand for accommodation benefits projects such as The Glassworks Newcastle. The development, which offers a mixture of studios and student pods, promises 11% net yields for investors.

Professor Andrew Wathey, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Northumbria University, said: "We are very encouraged by these numbers. We believe it shows that students are looking to the future and want to attend a university that will help them secure high quality employment or further advanced study on graduation."

The university has an excellent reputation for its bursary and scholarship package and is one of the most generous in the country, having set aside £16 million for 2013. Professor Wathey said, "We work hard to attract talented young people. We are prepared to invest to help students overcome financial challenges."

 "Employability is central. We work with many employers to ensure that we understand what they are looking for from graduates. Our teaching programmes have a real-world focus," said Professor Wathey.

Northumbria University has more employer partnerships than almost any other university in the country and has the highest graduate employability record in the North East of England.

 Northumbria University is located in the centre of Newcastle, voted the best student city for three consecutive years. A proactive university, It has recently published an ambitious vision to enable it to secure its future in a competitive market and has supported this vision with an investment of £200 million in its impressive city campus.

Professor Wathey said: "We are now working on a better and more ambitious vision for the future. We are continuing to combine academic quality and a real-world focus with leading-edge teaching and research.

"We are confident that today's and tomorrow's students will find that Northumbria University will ensure they are fit to take their place and be successful in an increasingly competitive global economy."

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