Photo of the week: Life Inside CERN

All photos: Andre Poi / Lars Muller Publishers (via Design Boom )

Engineers, scientists, technicians, office staff, craftspeople and research physicists are all on-site in the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, located just outside Geneva.

While most of the world’s attention is (understandably) taken up by the colossal particle accelerator buried 100 metres undergound, a gigantic 27km loop of wiring and vacuum, Inside CERN Shines a light on the environment within the centre, from the way scientists travel through the building to the frustrations of using the coffee machine…

The preface of the book, by publisher Lars Müller and photographer Andri Pol, reads: “We talked about places without pictures, about institutions and facilities in our society that are known but not generally accessible. Everyday life in the vatican, the world bank from inside, the people at CERN – can photographs communicate the ordinary, typical, and inimitable qualities of a place? can photographs capture and visualize the aura of science?”