Plans approved for City of London’s tallest skyscraper


Plans have been approved for 22 Bishopsgate, which will be City of London’s tallest skyscraper when complete.

The towering building is located on the site of the former Pinnacle development, which was granted planning permission in April 2006. Construction began on the site but was halted in 2011 due to the recession. Rather than join the horde of stagnant, abandoned projects around the world, though, the developmennt has been revived.

“The world has changed. People’s expectations of work and of businesses are higher. Standards are higher. We care more about where we work and with whom, and businesses care too,” says the project’s official site.

Plans were submitted for the redesigned 62-storey building in July this year, removing the original’s tapered, curved edges and bringing the Heron Tower-eclipsing tower in at 10 metres lower at 278m – although the wider top has led to criticism from some groups that it will dominate the skyline.

Nonetheless, the City of London Corporation’s Planning & Transportation Committee has given planning permission for the building. Curiously, the planning permission for the new tower does not invalidate the old one, meaning that in theory either design could be built.

Chief Planning Officer Annie Hampson commented: “This is a substantial high quality tower. 22 Bishopsgate exemplifies many of the qualities we are looking for in our landmark buildings – it is elegant, calm, and open to the public. A viewing gallery at the top will provide for workers, visitors, residents with the opportunity to look out over the City free of charge. Tall buildings in the City’s Eastern Cluster near transport hubs are an effective way of creating the increase in office space and employment needed for a growing London.”

The building will offer 1.4m sq feet of net usable space, with all floors larger than 20,000 sq feet. It will be home to 12,000 people and up to 100 companies.