Pot it

Another landlord has been left with a hefty repair bill after police discovered his tenants were using his Scunthorpe property as a cannabis factory…

Two men were arrested following the discovery and have been charged with producing a controlled drug.

This is the third cannabis factory Humberside Police have found in the area in recent weeks and it is believed the ‘tenants' using the property were preparing to shut their operation down following the two previous raids.

Landlord, Michael Walker, will now have to spend time and money returning his property to its original state.
Cannabis plants were being grown on all the floors of the two storey terraced house including the loft space.

Holes had been cut into walls and into the loft so that lights, heaters and other equipment used in the production cycle could fit into the house.

Large screws had been fixed to the walls and plastic had been put over windows. Chemicals were found in the kitchen area and the bathroom appeared to have been used for mixing the fluids.

The police were alerted to the factory by the smell of cannabis coming from the property even though the ‘tenants' had tried to conceal the smell by ‘cooking' onions on camping equipment.

Approximately 700 cannabis plants thought to be worth around £50,000 was found at the property.

Source: www.residentiallandlord.co.uk