Princess Di’s old holiday haunt up for sale


You know when a property is described as having its “own private peninsula” that it is officially a big deal. Indeed, Castillo Mallorca more than lives up to its impossibly grand name in both housing and human history.

Billed as “one of the most spectacular private residences in the Mediterranean”, it is certainly an impressive piece of real estate. Located at the entrance to Port Andratx, the estate has spectacular views from all over the property across the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean. Spanning 1.48 acres, the lot boasts everything from a 15,000 square-foot home with swimming pool to a guest house with gardens and terraces.

The main building features everything you might expect, including a sauna, gym, piano lounge and billiards room. Then, of course, there is the private cave to the west of the peninsula, which us “ideal for watching stunning sunsets”, say Engel & Voelkers.”The locals say that there is treasure buried in these waters.” They are not referring to the pontoon for 30-metre yachts that comes with the whole pad.

There is certainly treasure of a kind woven into the villa’s past: this is famously the home where Princess Diana went to relax abroad before she became Princess Diana.

Miss Spencer’s stay the main home has even caused one of the three suites to be christened the “Lady Diana” suite.

The price to stay where Princess Di did? A glamorous £30 million, which, you might not be surprised to hear, makes it the most expensive property on the island.