Real estate gets the Tinder treatment


Dating and house-hunting have always shared a lot of elements in common: hunting for the perfect match, browsing listings online, judging things by their photos. Now, one company is blurring the boundaries further with an app that give property the Tinder treatment.

Tinder, an app that sees people swipe right (“hot”) and left (“not”) on the basis of pictures of other users, has been a phenomenally popular hit, with millions of users now moving their digits every day.

Zoomsquare hopes to emulate that success, allowing users in Austria to search for their own property using traditional parameters (size, price, location, etc) and then produces a pile of photos for them to swipe through, Tinder-style, until they end up with a shortlist of suitable matches.

“Online search for real estate used to be arduous. Many platforms, no oversight and many hours spent in front of the computer,” the development team behind the app tells OPP Connect .

“We all thought with the modern technologies provided today, it has to be possible to develop a better search engine.”

What do you think? If this app turned up on a phone in your country, would you swipe left or right?