Revealed: The best times to book your flights for 2016

January has arrived. Christmas is over. And you are probably already itching to fly somewhere else. But when is the best time to book your flight to get the cheapest price?

Search engine has done some research into just that, comparing data from a billion searches to determine the best booking practices for each holiday seasons, both for European and international destinations.

According to their findings, you can save up to 70 per cent, just by booking at the right time, both in terms of how far in advance to book, which days to travel – and even what tim eof day you should book. (Tip: It’s 11am, a time that can help you save up to 66 per cent on your ticket price.)

Dreaming of getting away from the January blues? Planning your annual trip to your holiday home in Tenerife? Here are the best times to book your flights for 2016: