Rihanna: Barbados’ best ambassador

Barbados, the home of cricket, sugar cane and golden rum, is "[more famous these days] as the home island of Rihanna", Lisa Snowdon writes in The Daily Mail .

And with good reason. Since Rihanna's pop career exploded into stardom, the profile of Barbados has changed from sunny Caribbean destination to celebrity island getaway, with famous names such as Simon Cowell spending Christmas on the beach.

Of course, the island has always been able to accommodate "all types of tourists", regardless of budget, with the South offering night life and the West offering quiet coastlines and unspoilt beaches. But Barbados' profile has been given an added boost by the pop star, to the point where not only is it a source of tourist discussion, but it also becomes impossible to write about one without the other.

Still, the lasting impression of a Caribbean holiday does not change. Snowdon's article concludes without a mention of the pop star: "I made a mental note to save my pennies," she writes, "so I can one day have a gorgeous house on the beach in Barbados ."