Rocky Horror and Dracula house up for sale

Photo: PH Hotels

The property, which sits in a 37-acre patch of land near the River Thames, was once a private residency for a man named Ernest Olivier. He passed away in 1965, leaving the house empty for 14 years. But Hammer Horror jumped on the chance to the home into a star, using it regularly as a set for films due to its proximity to their Bray studios. Indeed, Oakley Court saw its movie career continue several decades later, returning to the screen to star in The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975.

Shortly afterwards, though, it was converted into a hotel and opened up to the public – coffins and fake blood were replaced by a nine-hole golf course and chocolates on pillows. It continued to perform this role from 1981, right up to the London Olympic Games last year, where it hosted several members of Team GB, reports The Daily Mail .

That year was a marathon success for the property, with KPMG reporting a net turnover of £7.3 million for the whole of 2012. But the hotel business went into administration last week, leaving the property once again empty.

The gothic country home, built in the style of a French Chateau, will now be put up for sale.

Julian Troup, Head of UK Hotels Agency at agent Colliers International, commented: “We are anticipating a considerable amount of interest from a variety of different buyers, both in the UK and from abroad. Given its impressive history, location and outstanding reputation there will undoubtedly be great deal of interest.”

There has been no mention of interest from Transylvanian buyers. Yet.