Royal wedding: Making money with a place to stay

Finding a location is one of the most important decisions for a couple preparing for their wedding day. But while Westminster Abbey was a relatively easy choice for Prince William and Kate Middleton – their decision has brought an unexpected boost for some people living nearby.

Susan Chen and her mum Barbara live in a luxury two-bedroom apartment in central London – just a three-minute walk from the Abbey. They will not be in London on 29 April, so they want to rent out their home.

"I thought it would a great way to generate some extra cash, and I could use it for a summer holiday," says Susan. They are charging £800 to stay on the night of the royal wedding. For that, visitors would have a king-sized bedroom with en suite bathroom, 24-hour concierge, and use of a gym and sauna.

With more than a million visitors expected to go to London for the royal wedding, many will be looking for places to stay – and it is not just the Chens who will be looking to cash in. The British Hospitality Association says the average hotel room will be around £250 a night.

But – for occasions such as this – websites are offering services that match up hosts and visitors in private homes – ranging from an airbed in a hallway, to luxury homes.

Source: BBC News