Ryanair adds new Malta routes in May

Ryanair will introduce new routes to Malta in May this year.

The company announced the planned flights last week, with departures planned from Bournemouth, Kaunas, London Stansted, Malmo, Oslo Rygge, Turin and Wroclaw. These new links between Malta and other countries are predicted to boost traffic to the island to more than 1 million visitors each year.

This positive impact upon the country's tourism industry is expected to benefit the country's growing property market, with 1,000 new jobs set to drive up housing demand as well as boosting the appeal of Malta's property to new visitors.

Indeed, with the airline offering discounted seats across all European routes at the beginning of 2012 to celebrate the island's expansion, agents are hoping Malta s property market will fly to new heights this year.

Ray Woods, CEO of Malta Buy Property, comments:

"The growth of low cost flghts to Malta has been a major factor in boosting both tourism and sales of properties to overseas buyers from the UK and across Europe. With a flying time of 3 hours from the UK it is within easy reach.

"English is a joint first language and this is another major factor which is aiding commercial growth on this small Mediteranean island. The banks are still lending up to 75 or 80% of LTV, it is politically stable and does not suffer from extremes of weather found in many parts of the World.

"Malta's property market is well placed to withstand the current uncertainty over the Euro and the fall in the Euro means an effective reduction in price for UK and other buyers. We encourage our clients to work closely with brokers such as Excel to ensure that they get the best currency deals."

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