Ryanair changes bag fees for 2016: Will you pay more or less?

Ryanair has announced new bag fees for 2016. The low-cost airline has become known for its array of additional charges to customers wanting more than the bare essentials, but today, Ryanair simplified its bag fees from 108 to six.

From today, customers on domestic flights under 2 hours will have their bag fees cut by 50 per cent, while customers on all other flights under 3 hours will enjoy savings of up to 17 per cent. Customers on flights over 3 hours will see no change to their checked bag fees.

“Over 92 per cent of our customers will enjoy reduced bag fees and will pay the same price for checking-in a bag whether bought at the time of the initial booking or added to the booking, regardless of seasonality. Furthermore, customers will also be able to add bags to their bookings via the Ryanair app up to 3 hours before their scheduled time of departure,” comments Ryanair’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kenny Jacobs.

However, that also means 9.28 million will not face cheaper check-in baggage charges. Which camp do you fall into? That, inevitably, depends on when you travel.

Peak passengers with a bag in the hold will pay less, but off-peak passengers could end up paying more, notes The Telegraph. Previously, those travelling in the off-season periods of January to May and October to December paid £20 per person per flight for a single bag – or £25 for visiting the more popular sunny destinations of the Canary Islands and Greece. Now, though, they will pay £25 on all non-domestic flights that are less than three hours, and £40 on longer routes, which means that the additional cost could be as much as £40 for a return flight (£20 more each way).