Saudi Prince sells “Flying Palace” for $500m

Yes, you read that correctly. A flying palace.

Alwaleed pick himself up a Airbus A380 back in 2007, reports Arabian Business . He purchased the craft for approximately $319m, then went on to spend even more money customising the jumbo to turn it into a luxury flying palace.

The Airbus has four Rolls Royce Trent 900 engines to power it along at a speed of Mach 0.96. If it were used for commercial flights, it would have capacity for 525 passengers, or 853 people, if they were all travelling in economy class.

The renovated plane can only carry up to 100 people and, alongside a 14-seat dining table and a sleek lounge area (all designed by Edése Doret), reputedly has enough space to house two Rolls Royce cars and “a number of horses”.

But that’s not all. According to the Sydney Morning Herald , the flying palace will also contain the first in-flight elevator, allowing guests to move comfortable between the three storeys. Count them. Three.

Curbed reports that Doret had also been “planning to include a whirlpool tub” with a “rapid drainage system that can empty the standing water in seconds”, but the plans for a swimming pool were denied by Airbus.

Now, though, the 57 year old prince has decided to sell off the still-yet-to-be-delivered palace altogether. It was purchased by an anonymous buyer last year, his Chief Financial Officer announced in a recent interview.

No one knows how much the final selling price was, but the estimated value of the plane, including all new additions, is US$500 million. Not that Alwaleed will miss his flying palace: he already owns a Boeing 747-400, a Hawker jet and an Airbus A321.