Schengen area “crucial” to EU’s economy

Photo: L@rsson

The Schengen area is “crucial” to the well-being of the eurozone economy, one chairman has declared.

The passport-free travel zone has become increasingly under threat this year, as individual member nations take steps to close their borders in the wake of security concerns following terrorist attacks in France and other countries.

Earlier this month, both Sweden and Denmark tightened their border controls to deter the entry of migrants in the country.

Now, the chairman of eurozone finance ministers Jeroen Dijsselbloem has called for the zone to be preserved.

Asked to explain the connected between passport-free travel and the currency, Dijsselbloem said maintaining the passport-free zone was vital for the political ideal of Europe.

“It is crucial for the economic cooperation and development of Europe,” he told Reuters. “To establish that we need to protect our outside borders and do that very quickly, we need to work closely with Turkey.”

“What is happening now, is that more and more member states are individually taking measures at their borders, in their asylum procedures, etc. We have to be very careful – this is going to be a negative spiral going down and down and down.”