Sell My Property Tips: Choosing the right buyer


If you are looking to sell your house fast , has already covered the basics. From putting up the best possible listing photos to presenting your house in the prettiest light, attracting buyers to your house has never been more straightforward.

But how do you know the buyers you are attracting will actually sign on the dotted line? After all, if there is the right home out there for every buyer, the odds on your house finding that one can be quite slim – especially if you do not know how to spot them.

Here are Sell My Property’s six steps to choosing the right buyer.

Think about what they want

Who is your right buyer going to be? Do they want a family home to raise their kids with a garden? Are they a young professional in need of an office area to do work? Will they prefer transport connections to the train or bus, or would they rather have a parking space? Do they need a school nearby? Think about what your property has to offer and who would be best-suited to live there. Then target them in your marketing, through your property listing description and photos – and keep an eye out for them when you have an open house.

It’s not about the money

The highest offer is the best offer, right? Not necessarily. The best offer is from someone who can afford the house – if they are making unrealistic offers just to beat the competition, you will only end up facing trouble further down the line. In fact, the best offer is a cash offer: someone who can stump up the required money right away and pay it on the spot.

It is all about the funding

This is where due diligence is a must: ask if your buyer will have to take out a mortgage to buy the home. If so, request a letter from their lender offering a mortgage in principle. That way, if they have made an offer above the amount they are eligible to borrow, you will know in advance – and avoid having to cancel the transaction and put your home back on the market, potentially missing other buyers in the process.

Do they already have a home?

As you already know, selling your home is not something that happens overnight: if your buyer has a home to sell as well, that could cause delays for your deal. Make sure your buyer is at least under offer on their own home before you take yours off the market. First time buyers will spare you the daisy-chain struggle, but if estate agents have to explain every step to them, it could still be a slow process.

Consider the market conditions

Whichever of the above you are considering, always be mindful of the market conditions. A buyer’s offer will be affected by the wider market as much as your initial asking price. You will be considering how quickly you need to sell, but they will be motivated by how quickly other people may want to buy, as well as their own affection for the property. Compromise will be the final key – and negotiations can be aided by whether you plan to sell the property furnished or unfurnished.


Whether you are after a family buyer, a young professional, a cash buyer or a first time borrower, the decision of whose offer to accept on your house is the most important choice in the property selling process: making sure you have a motivated buyer (who likes your property’s features) with available finance, no other complications or delays will improve your chances of selling your property as soon as possible.


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